Is Sheesh Token working with other influencers?

Yes! We currently are in talk with multiple influencers to get them on board.

How do I get Sheesh Token to show in trust wallet?

First Filter in the top right corner. Search “Sheesh.” Click “Add Custom Token.” Paste the token's address: 0x7e5d52c3335c91af0da392bea4bb9e43f2aba62c, Done!

What is Sheesh Token?

Sheesh token is a community-driven Token, created primarily for social media influencers and to link the world of crypto to the masses of Social Media through Binance Smart Chain technology. Sheesh is the first of its kind and will be used to not only host giveaways/lotteries/gaming tournaments for creators/holders of the token but allow for Unique NFTs, Merchandise drops in the future and so much more.

Why is the liquidity so low?

The majority of the liquidity is in BUSD not BNB. Because of that, Poocoin does not display the correct amount of liquidity. The correct amount can be seen on https://dex.guru/token/0x7e5d52c3335c91af0da392bea4bb9e43f2aba62c-bsc

Why am I seeing this error when trying to swap on PancakeSwap? "INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT" or "Pancake: K"

You need to select the Settings above PancakeSwap User Interface and Increase your Slippage to about 7.5-12%, this will help avoid seeing those errors!

Is this a rug pull?

No! Our liquidity is locked so there is no worry for a rug pull.

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