Phase 1.1
    Scale up the current dev team to speed up the release of the platform.
    Continue to build out the platform and DAPPs.
    Continue to build our pool of influencers to tap into once the NFT Raffle is released.
Phase 1.2
    Release the NFT Raffle Application into Alpha 1 with community testers.
    Begin marketing to show off the active product to influencers and their community
Phase 1.3
    Launch the Beta version which will potentially involve several influencers and their communities
    Take feedback from community in Alpha and Beta test to reiterate the platform and continue to improve
Phase 1.4
    Finish the NFT Raffle and full marketing push with all interested influencers
    Release the platform to all interested sellers
Phase 1.5
    Continue to improve the platform with all community input.
    Design and create new DAPPs for the Sheesh Platform.
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